Tape Library & Drive Service, Maintenance Support

Tape Library & Drive Service, Maintenance Support

InStock Tape Library Maintenance SupportInStock offers tape library and drive service, maintenance and support options tailored to your company’s needs: OEM Recertification, Installations, LogisticContracts, Spares Kits, Parts, Telephone Support, Configuration and Recertification, Full Service Contract Management, Certified OEM / 3rd Party ISPs and Maintenance Contracts.  Speak with Tonny – the tape storage services expert at 866-994-2875 InStock will help maximize current storage resources, provide excellent timely support and save on data center operating costs with:

  • OEM Recertification
    InStock will work with the OEM, 3rd party service providers and manufacturers to ensure that the StorageTek, Sun, Overland, ADIC, Quantum, NetApp or Spectra Logic tape libraries, drives and network applications in your data center are certified in accordance to manufacturer standards and eligible for coverage.
  • Installation of Certified New or Used Tape Storage
    Any tape library, drive, part, accessory or option installed by contracted ISP’s will be certified and eligible for service agreement coverage.
  • Self Maintenance Support
    Spares kits, parts, and telephone support from our technical team for those maintaining their own tape libraries and drives.
  • Logistic Support Contracts
    Need a contract for parts, technical support/help desk?  Call InStock at 866-994-2875.  We will provide the service support agreement best suited to your needs.InStock Maintenance and Support
  • Co-Terminus Agreement
    InStock will simplify multiple vendor maintenance contracts by combining them into one agreement.  Simplify the numerous contracts, contacts and expiration dates with a Co-Terminus Agreement with InStock.
  • Configuration and Recertification of Drives
    Any new or used drive installed by an InStock ISP will be certified and configured to work seamlessly with your existing library.
  • Full Service Contract Management
    We provide OEM Service Contracting for top industry manufacturers of tape libraries, drives, disk storage and network applications like Sun, StorageTek, Quantum, ADIC, Overland, Spectra Logic and NetApps.
  • Certified OEM / 3rd Party ISP’s
    Third party providers utilized by InStock are all certified and trained by their respective equipment manufacturers.  You can be confident that their knowledge and abilities are unequaled. In many cases, our providers have been employed by the manufacturer and learned their skills first hand.
  • Maintenance Contracts
    From 24 hours a day – 7 days a week to break/fix service – whatever your service needs for your tape library, disk array, network application or tape drive, InStock can do it.  Call 866-994-2875 – let us simplify your data center support.

On Site Technical Support

Do you need On Site Technical Support for your data center? InStock will assist you in obtaining maintenance and support contracts for the following equipment manufacturers and models:

Sun StorageTek Sun Tape Libraries & Drives at InStock!

    • StorageTek SL8500, SL3000, SL500 Modular Library System
    • StorageTek SL48 Tape Library
    • StorageTek SL24 Tape Autoloader
    • StorageTek L1400, L700, L700e, L180, L80, L40, L20 Tape LibrariesStorageTek STK Tape Libraries & Drives at InStock!
    • StorageTek 9840A, 9840B, 9840C, 9840D, T9840D, 9940A, 9940B, T10000B Tape Drives
    • StorageTek LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3, LTO-4 Tape Drives
    • StorageTek Flexline FLX210, FLX240, FLX280, and FLX 380 Disk Arrays
    • StorageTek D-Series D280 D380 Disk System

Sun StorageTek Support and Maintenance Contracts Available:

    • 24 x 7 x 4
    • 9 x 5 x 4
    • 9 x 5 x Next Business Day

Quantum ADICQuantum Tape Libraries & Drives at InStock!

    • Quantum PX502, PX506, PX510, PX720, M1500, M1800, M2500, P1000, P2000,  P3000, P4000, P7000,
    • ADIC Scalar 24, 50, 100, 218, 458, i500, 1000, i2000, 10000 (ADIC 10K)

Quantum ADIC Support and Maintenance Contracts Available:ADIC Tape Libraries & Drives at InStock!

    • 24 x 7 x 4
    • 9 x 5 x 4
    • 9 x 5 x Next Business Day

OverlandOverland Tape Libraries & Drives at InStock!

    • Overland LibraryPro, LoaderXpress, PowerLoader, NEO 2000, NEO 4000, NEO 4100

Overland Support and Maintenance Contracts Available:

    • 24 x 7 x 4
    • 9 x 5 x 4
    • 9 x 5 x Next Business Day

Spectra LogicSpectra Logic Tape Libraries & Drives at InStock!

    • Spectra Logic 2K Treefrog, 10K Bullfrog, 20K Gator, 64K, T50e, T120

Spectra Logic Support and Maintenance Contracts Available:

    • 24 x 7 x 4
    • 9 x 5 x 4
    • 9 x 5 x Next Business Day

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