Tape Libraries, Disk Systems, Drives, Options and Parts

Tape Libraries, Disk Systems,
Drives, Options and Parts

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ADIC Tape Storage Library Drives       ATL Tape Libraries from InStock!        Dell Tape Storage Library Drive

         ADIC                    ATL Quantum                    Dell

HP Tape Storage Library Drive       IBM Tape Storage Library Drive        Overland Tape Storage Library Drive

      Hewlett Packard               IBM                 Overland

Quantum Tape Storage Library Drive       SpectraLogic Tape Storage Library Drive       StorageTek Tape Library Drive Parts

          Quantum         Spectra Logic         StorageTek STK

Sun Tape Storage Library Drive

ADIC Scalar 100

At InStock, we carry the hardware you need to meet your high capacity data storage needs and budget limitations: arrays, libraries, drives, parts and accessories. Our products will help you resolve your high end data storage issues with significant savings. You can save with our discount prices over purchasing high-end storage equipment directly from the manufacturers.

Get the best performing new or used data storage tape libraries and disk arrays in the industry for your data center:

StorageTek L20, L40, L80 Performance Series, STK L180, L700, L700e, L1400 L-Series, StorageTek SL500 and SL8500 Streamline Series, STK 4410 Silo and StorageTek 9310 Powderhorn Series.

Dell PowerVault ML6010, ADIC Scalar 24, Scalar 100, ADIC Scalar i500, Scalar i2000,

HP LTO 4 Tape DriveWe carry the tape drives you need:

LTO Tape Drives: LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4, LTO2001, LTO2002, LTO2002-003, LTO2L55-001, LTO2S50, LTO2S50-001, LTO2S50-002, LTO3001, LTO3001-002, LTO3002, LTO3S50, LTO3S50-001, LTO3S85.


InStock also has the SDLT tape drives for your replacement or repair:
SDLT tape drive, SDLT220 tape drive, SDLT320 tape drive, SDLT321-002 tape drive, SDLT600 tape drive, SDLT601-001 tape drive, SDLTBR1-001 tape drive.

M1500 Tape Drive

We have in stock – autoloaders, loaders, DAT, DDS, DLT8000 drives, cables, fibre channel, control panels, and controller boards. We carry library doors, expansions, hands, HD controllers, interface, networking, panels, PDU, pickers, power supplies, robotic assemblies, routers, and switches.

STK L700E at InStock!            STK StorageTek FLX 210            Dell PV124T Tape Library

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