LTO4 FC 4Gb Drive for SL8500 Tape Library

Sun StorageTek LTO4-HP4FC-SL85Z

LTO4 FC 4Gb Drive for SL8500 Tape Library  

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The Sun StorageTek LTO4 FC 4Gb Drive for the SL8500 Tape Library boasts 800 GB native capacity and a 120 MB/Sec transfer rate. For current pricing on the LTO4-HP4FC-SL85Z call our sales team at 877-786-2533. They will be more than happy to assist you in figuring out if this Sun StorageTekLTO4 tape drive works for you, and working out a competative price.

The required cables for the LTO4 FC 4Gb Drive are sold separately, but InStock can gladly supply them with little or no additional cost to you.

All of our LTO4-HP4FC-SL85Z drives are tested in a StorageTek SL8500 tape library to guarantee that your LTO4 FC 4Gb Drive (LTO4-HP4FC-SL85Z) is in perfect working order. We have it In Stock and ready to ship today! Call us at (877) 786-2533

InStock also carries all full libraries, parts, and drives for the StorageTek SL8500 tape library.

Need your LTO4 tape drive tape drive repaired? Want to upgrade your LTO3 tape drive to the LTO4-HP4FC-SL85Z tape drive? You’ve come to the right place.Our StorageTek trained technicians will test the SUN StorageTek LTO4 FC 4Gb Drive for SL8500 Library in it’s native environment to guarantee that it works flawlessly the first time you plug it in to your SL8500 tape library.

Take a look at the StorageTek SL8500 User Manual

or the StorageTek SL8500 Data Sheet



Manufacturer: Sun, StorageTek

Part Number: LTO4-HP4FC-SL85Z

Description: LTO4 FC 4Gb Drive for the SL8500 Tape Library

LTO4-HP4FC-SL85Z Specs: 800 GB native capacity, 120 MB/Sec transfer rate

InStock can sell you an LTO4 FC 4Gb Drive for the SL8500 Tape Library or repair your current LTO4-HP4FC-SL85Z tape drive.

Solutions For:
Data Backup Disaster Recovery
Data Recovery Data Conversion
Data Restoration


InStock Trade-In Program:
Are you upgrading or replacing your current tape storage system?  We can take your current StorageTek LTO tape drives as a trade-in.

Call Tonny today at (877) 786-2533 (858-810-3931) to discuss your current system, how the Sun StorageTek LTO4-HP4FC-SL85Z drive fits into your storage needs and how much money InStock can save you for refurbished or repaired drive. You can also email him:

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