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The storageTek VSM or Virtual Storage Manager provides a managed disk buffer between the mainframe servers and the tape library system. Instead of writing directly to a physical drive, mainframes read and write to virtual drives created and maintained by VSM. This enables a utilization of higher drives and cartridges all while working to lower your storage costs.

Part Numbers: 315233605, 7065276 ,315235002, VSM54LWVCF410KM —VCF4 4 CHANNEL LONG WAVE 10km FICON INTERFACE For VSM5
315252202 – 450GB HDDS for VSM5

StorageTek VSMFeatures, Applications & Specifications:

Disk performance:10,000 rpm disk drives10,000 rpm disk drives15,000 rpm disk drives15,000 RPM disk drives 
Physical cache:2 GB2 GB8 GB32 GB128GB
Non-volatile storage (average 4:1 compression before storage):32 MB32 MB32 MB256 MB440 MB
Effective non-volatile storage (4:1 compression):128 MB128 MB128 MB1,024 MB1,752 MB

StorageTek VSM 5

References for your convenience:

StorageTek VSM 5 Product specifications
StorageTek VSM Safety and Compliance Guide
StorageTek VSM4 and VSM5 Update Guide
StorageTek VSM5 DOP Customer Screen Guide
StorageTek VSM5 Planning Guide

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