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The storageTek SL150 is the first scalable tape library for entry level users. What makes this library so special, is that it actually replaces three previous libraries. Perfect for small to medium sized companies, this library is an LTO5 / LTO6 library that scales from 45TB to 900TB of capacity by using it’s onboard data compression

The three previous models we were talking about that this new library replaces are the SL24, SL48 and perhaps the most surprising, the StorageTek SL500. You may be asking what makes the StorageTek SL150 so special that it can completely replace these three libraries? The answer is simple. The SL150 can scale anywhere from 30 tape cartridge slots to 300 slots and from one to 20 tape drives.

This new tape library is an LTO5/ LTO6 library that is a half height machine, which means it uses LTO5 and LTO6 half height tape cartridges.

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StorageTek SL150 Tape Library

Features, Applications & Specifications:

  • 30 Slots
  • LTO5 ( 1.5 TB / 3 TB ) and LTO6 (2.5 TB / 6.25 TB)
  • High performance and mission-critical computing applications from 200 to over 3,000 slots
  • 20 max drives
  • Supports 30 removable tape cartridge slots
  • Fibre Channel (FC)
  • rack mountable and expandable
  • 3U
  • 140 MBps data transfer rate
  • Flawlessly scales anywhere from 30 to 300 slots

References for your convenience:

Storagetek-SL150 Data Sheet
StorageTek SL150 Quick Reference Card
StorageTek SL150 FAQ
Scalability from 30-300 slotsThis library has seamless scale. It eliminates the need for rip and replace and all the costs that come with managing multiple libraries for your data storage growth.
Intuitive software when installing and managingRapid set up, minimal overhead costs, and at a glance global monitoring
Half-height StorageTek LTO5 and LTO6 tape drivesThe highest density mid-range tape drive with a minimal footprint, and minimal resource consumption
Modular library for expansion and auto discoveryUpgrade as needed with your growth minus the overhead costs.
Comes with Oracle Fusion MiddlewareProven and reliable software

STK SL150 Features and their benefits:

Popular part numbers that InStock has tested and ready to ship out for the StorageTek SL150 are:

Manufacturer Part NumberDescription
LTO5 Drives:
StorageTek 7101750LTO5 HH FC Drive
StorageTek 7101760LTO5 HH SAS Drive
LTO6 Drives:
StorageTek 7104475LTO6 HH FC Drive
StorageTek 7104476LTO6 HH SAS Drive
StorageTek 7104473LTO6 8G HH FC Add-on Drive
LTO5 Modules:
StorageTek 7102895LTO5 6G SAS Module
StorageTek 7102896LTO5 8G FC Module
LTO6 Modules:LTO6 SAS Module
StorageTek 7104474
Power Supply:
StorageTek 7101771Power Supply for StorageTek SL150

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