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From ADIC to Sun/StorageTek, Quantum to Dell, we have the backup tape storage solution for your needs. And we have it IN STOCK in our warehouse – ready to ship!

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Do you have a question about a configuration, a new library, drives, or any tape storage parts? We have the knowledge, expertise and inventory to meet your needs. Call Us!

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Every tape library, drive and part you buy from InStock is tested and certified by our technical staff before it is sold and we are proud to offer our INSTOCK GUARANTEE to back it up.

STK StorageTek Rental Program Tape Libraries & Drives


STK StorageTek

Rental Program

Tape Libraries & Drives

Storate Tek

The StorageTek Rental Program* for Tape Libraries and Drives will help when you need to protect your company’s valuable data.  With InStock, you have a   
resource for ensuring the short-term and long-term protection of your criticial data.   We are here to be your solution for data conversion,
disaster recovery, data restoration or any other situation – call InStock – we have what you need IN STOCK! 

InStock has in its tech-tested, multi-million dollar inventory – ready to ship:

StorageTek STK Rack Mount Kits:STK Performance Series:
StorageTek STK Rack Mount Kit
STK L20 Tape LibraryStorageTek STK L40 Tape Library
StorageTek L-Series: STK Streamline Series:
  • STK L700e StorageTek with StorageTek LTO3 Drives
StorageTek STK L700E Tape Library
STK StorageTek SL500 Tape Library Rack
STK Installation Tools:StorageTek External Tape Drives:
  • STK StorageTek 9310 Wall Alignment Tool
  • StorageTek STK L5500 Wall Alignment Tool
STK 9310 Wall Alignment Tool
StorageTek STK 9840C External Tape Drive

* Terms and conditions apply. 

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