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StorageTek L700e

Tape Libraries, Drives, Parts & Upgrades

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StorageTek STK L700e Tape LibrarySTK L700e StorageTek Tape Libraries, Drives, Parts and Upgrades from InStock will help ensure your data center stays on budget with savings of 50-75% off of retail pricing.

Available in our warehouse – ready to ship – complete, configured STK L700e tape libraries, the replacement drives you need, parts and options for all of your StorageTek STK equipment.

InStock has the solutions you need for Data Archiving and Backup, Disaster Recovery, Data Storage, Recovery, Conversion and Restoration.

The StorageTek L700e tape library is definitely one step above the already well known l StorageTek L700 tape library. This library is intended for distributed open systems implementations in UNIX and Windows NT environments. The L700e lets you combine two L700e’s together in order to provide your company with a large jump in data storage capacity. Therefore the StorageTek L700E is ready to keep growing at the same rate that your company and data storage needs grow.

The L700e Tape drives, fans and power supplies are all hot swap compatable, which means that they can be replaced without having to spower down the libary.

Download the StorageTek L700e operators guide here.

Our on hand, tech-tested inventory includes:

  • StorageTek L700e Hand Assemblies
  • STK L700e MPC and MPCL Boards
  • StorageTek L700e Robotic Interfaces
    • Card and Cage
      • LVD
      • 1 and 2 GB FC
    • Card Only
      • 1 GB (MPU) 2 GB (MPU2)
      • LVD (MPW)
    • Cage Only (MPV)
  • STK L700e Z Flex Cables, Theta Motors, Z Motors
  • StorageTek L700e 2nd Drive Towers, Redundant Power Supplies
  • STK L700e Power Distribution Unit, Pass Through Ports Top Quality Tape Libraries and Drives from InStock
  • StorageTek L700e Slot Upgrades, Expansion Doors
  • STK L700e CC40, Front Doors, Side Panels
  • StorageTek L700e Drives: 9840A, 9840B, 9840C
  • STK L700e Drives: 9940A, 9940B
  • StorageTek L700e Drives: DLT 7000, DLT 8000
  • STK L700e LTO 1 Drives (SCSI, FC)
  • StorageTek L700e LTO 2 Drives (SCSI, FC)
  • STK L700e LTO 3 Drives (SCSI, FC, 2GB, 4GB)
  • StorageTek L700e Complete drive and tray (TX40) or drive only

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