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StorageTek L40 Tape Libraries, Drives and Parts


StorageTek L40
Tape Libraries, Drives and Parts

Why InStock?At InStock, we have what you need – IN STOCK – for the STK L40 StorageTek – Tape Libraries, Drives and Parts.  For data conversion, disaster recovery, data restoration, archiving, or compliance – call InStock. Whether you need an another library, more drives or parts for additions, upgrades or repairs, call the STK Team at Instock at 1-877-786-2533.

The StorageTek L40 Tape Library gives the user affordable, high performance data backup management. It’s claim to fame is that is has a smaller footprint than most rack and stack libraries, which makes it perfect for smaller data centers. This library is time roven technology, that comes with an advanced high speed robotic picker assembly. The StorageTek L40 tape library has a clear line of sight upgrade path from the L20 to the L80 making the L40 tape library the answer for any organization who’s data backup needs continue growing. The library’s automated backup and recovery makes it a sure fire way to keep your data secure. The StorageTek L40 Tape Library supports all of the industry tape formats such as LTO, DLT and SDLT which makes it an extremely flexible unit..

StorageTek L40 Tape Library Features:

  • 20 or 40 cartridge slots
  • 1 to 4 LTO1, LTO2, SDLT-220, SDLT-320 and DLT-8000 drives, or a combination
  • Up to 8 TB capacity compressed (LTO Ultrium 2)
  • Up to 30 MB/sec native throughput
  • Supported host platforms: UNIX, Windows NT, Novell, Linux

InStock’s StorageTek trained technicians can provide all your hardware maintenance and support services. We can also repair all parts and drives for the StorageTek L40 Tape Library.

StorageTek L40 User Guide

StorageTek L40 Installation Manual

We currently have on-hand, ready to ship:

  • STK L40 – Main Boards (PWA)
  • StorageTek L40 – Parts, Machines
  • STK DLT7000 Drives StorageTek L40 at InStock!
  • StorageTek DLT8000 Drives
  • STK LTO1 Drives
  • StorageTek L40 – Personality Modules
  • STK L40, L80 – 1 GB Internal Routers
  • StorageTek L40 – 2 GB External Routers
  • STK L40 – Picker Assemblies
  • StorageTek L40 – Operator Panels
  • StorageTek LTO2 Drives
  • StorageTek LTO3 Drives
  • StorageTek LTO4 Drives
  • StorageTek LTO5 Drives

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