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StorageTek L20 Tape Libraries, Drives and Parts


StorageTek L20
Tape Libraries, Drives and Parts

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The StorageTek L20 tape library is considered part of the L-Series, the L20 Tape Library delivers exceptional data protection as well as flawless data management. The STK L20 is a low cost option that is virtually plug and play. It is one of the most reliable data backup and recovery solutions on the market. It will run at maximum performance without needing any downtime for scheduled maintenance. This particular library has continuous automatic calibration which when used, keeps the library operating at full performance. A high speed robotic hand assembly makes sure that data backup jobs are completed quickly, all while saving the user time and money. Hot swappable drives allow you to replace tapes and drives without having to power down the machine and interrupting your data backup transfers.It includes remote monitoring and management which when used make the L20 one of the simplest to operate storage solutions for a multitude of different environments.

StorageTek L20 Tape Library Features:

  • Cartridge slots: 10 or 20
  • Tape drives/types: 1-2 LTO Gen 1, 2, 3; SDLT 320, SDLT 600 drives, or any combination
  • Uncompressed capacity: 2.0 to 8.0 TB with 20 cartridges
  • Bar code reader
  • Supported host platforms: UNIX, Windows NT, Novell Netware, Linux

InStock’s StorageTek trianed and qualified technicians can provide hardware maintenance and support services and repairs for every part of the StorageTek L20 Tape Library.

StorageTek L20 User Guide

StorageTek L20 Installation Guide

Storagetek L20 Service Guide

StorageTek L20 Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) Instructions

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