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StorageTek STK L180 Tape Libraries, Drives & Parts

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STK StorageTek L180 Tape Library

At InStock, we have available complete, configured StorageTek STK L180 tape libraries, drives and parts you need for your StorageTek STK equipment. InStock is your resource for ensuring the protection of your criticial data with the StorageTek L180 tape library. For data conversion, disaster recovery, data restoration, archiving, compliance or any other situation – call the STK Team at (877) 786-2533. InStock – we have what you need IN STOCK!

We do sales, repairs and maintenance of any part you can think of. Our StorageTek trained technicians get the job done right the first time. We guarantee it.

The StorageTek L180 can be fitted to have up to 174 slots which gives it 69.6 terabytes of capacity, the L180 Tape Library is the perfect library for mid-sized companies. It is considered a fully automated libray that boasts a high speed 2 GB Fibre Channel connection which allows for very fast data backup and sharing via SANs.

This Storagetek library can read and write simultaneously, thanks to it’s digital vision system. With throughput rates that soar to 2.88 terabytes per hour, its no secret why this is one of the top rated tape libraries for mid sized open systems. The STK L180 tape librarys boasts advanced robotics which make it capable of more than 450 cartridge exchanges per hour.

The StorageTek L180 Tape Library is designed to support numerous technologies. The library can support six 9840 tape drives or ten DLT, Super DLT and LTO tape drives. The customizable nature of the L700 makes it easy to custom tailor for your business’s needs.

Another fantastic feature of this StorageTek Library, is that the tape drives, fans and power supplies are all hot swappable. This means that you can replace them all on the fly without having to power down the machine, minimizing downtime while maximizing profit.

StorageTek L180 Tape Library Specs:

  • 84, 140 or 174 cartridge slots plus six extra slots for diagnostic/cleaning cartridge tapes
  • 1 to 6 9840 drives, 1 to 10 LTO, SDLT and DLT 8000 drives
  • Cartridge access port (CAP) Standard, 10 cartridge capacity
  • Two 5 cartridge removable magazines
  • 3.48 TB to 52.2 TB of capacity
  • Up to 35 MB/sec throughput and up to up to 2.88 TB/hour with LTO3
  • Supported host platforms: UNIX, Windows NT

Our inventory includes:

  • StorageTek Hand Assemblies for the STK L180
  • STK MPC and MPCL Boards
  • StorageTek Robotic Interfaces
    • Card and Cage
      • LVD
      • 1 and 2 GB FC
    • Card OnlyInStock Services
      • 1 GB (MPU) 2 GB (MPU2)
      • LVD (MPW)
    • Cage Only (MPV)
  • STK Z Flex Cables, Theta Motors, Z Motors
  • StorageTek 2nd Drive Towers, Redundant Power Supplies
  • STK Power Distribution Unit, Pass Through Ports
  • StorageTek Slot Upgrades, Expansion Doors
  • STK CC40, Front Doors, Side Panels
  • StorageTek Drives: 9840A, 9840B, 9840C
  • STK Drives: 9940A, 9940B
  • STK Drives: T10000, T10000A, T10000B, T10K, T10KA, T10KB, T10
  • StorageTek Drives: DLT 7000, DLT 8000
  • STK LTO 1 Drives (SCSI, FC)
  • StorageTek LTO 2 Drives (SCSI, FC)
  • STK LTO 3 Drives (SCSI, FC, 2GB, 4GB)
  • StorageTek Complete drive and tray (TX40) or drive only

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