StorageTek STK L1400 Tape Library, Drives & Parts

StorageTek STK L1400
Tape Library, Drives & Parts

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StorageTek STK L1400 Tape Library

The StorageTek STK L1400 tape library – complete and configured – is available at InStock. Our warehouse has over 25,000 StorageTek libraries, drives, parts, options and accessories – ready to ship! We are your resource for ensuring the protection of your criticial data.  For data conversion, disaster recovery, data restoration or any other situation – call InStock – we have what you need IN STOCK!


Our on hand tech-tested inventory includes:

  • StorageTek L1400 Hand AssembliesInStock StorageTek Service
  • STK MPC and MPCL Boards
  • StorageTek Robotic Interfaces
    • Card and Cage
      • LVD
      • 1 and 2 GB FC
    • Card Only
      • 1 GB (MPU) 2 GB (MPU2)
      • LVD (MPW)
    • Cage Only (MPV)
  • STK Z Flex Cables, Theta Motors, Z Motors
  • StorageTek 2nd Drive Towers, Redundant Power Supplies
  • STK Power Distribution Unit, Pass Through Ports
  • StorageTek Slot Upgrades, Expansion Doors
  • STK CC40, Front Doors, Side Panels
  • StorageTek Drives: 9840A, 9840B, 9840C
  • STK Drives: 9940A, 9940B
  • STK Drives: T10000, T10000A, T10000B, T10K, T10KA, T10KB, T10
  • StorageTek Drives: DLT 7000, DLT 8000
  • STK LTO 1 Drives (SCSI, FC)
  • StorageTek LTO 2 Drives (SCSI, FC)
  • STK LTO 3 Drives (SCSI, FC, 2GB, 4GB)
  • StorageTek Complete drive and tray (TX40) or drive only

Why InStock?

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the L-Series Libraries:

  L180     L700     L700e

New or Refurbished!

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On Hand, Ready to Ship from InStock:

Part Number
9840CL3-001TSTK StorageTek 9840C Drv, FIBRE – L1400 Tape Library
LTO2001-001STK StorageTek LTO Gen2 Drv, HP LVD – L1400 Tape Library
LTO2001-003STK StorageTek LTO Gen2 Drv, IBM FC – L1400 Tape Library
LTO2001-004STK StorageTek LTO Gen2 Drv, HP FC – L1400 Tape Library
LTO2001-005STK StorageTek LTO Gen2 Drv, IBM LVD- L1400 Tape Library
LTO3001-001STK StorageTek LTO Gen3 Drv, HP Fibre for L1400 Tape Library
LTO3001-002STK StorageTek LTO Gen3 Drv, HP LVD for L1400 Tape Library
LTO3001-003STK StorageTek LTO Gen3 Drv, IBM Fibre for L1400 Tape Library
L1400M0-0000STK StorageTek L1400M LIB W/MGR
L1400M0-1PDUSTK StorageTek POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT for L1400 Tape Library
L1400M0-2NDTSTK StorageTek OPTIONAL 2ND DRIVE TOWER for L1400 Tape Library
L1400M0-9930STK StorageTek 120V NEMA5-15 CORD for L1400 Tape Library
L1400M0-9931STK StorageTek 200-240V HARMONIC NO PLUG for L1400 Tape Library
L1400M0-CAPASTK StorageTek CARTRIDGE CAPACITY 300 for L1400 Tape Library
L1400M0-CAPBSTK StorageTek CARTRIDGE CAPACITY 400 for L1400 Tape Library
L1400M0-CAPCSTK StorageTek CARTRIDGE CAPACITY 500 for L1400 Tape Library
L1400M0-CAPDSTK StorageTek CARTRIDGE CAPACITY 600 for L1400 Tape Library
L1400M0-CAPESTK StorageTek CARTRIDGE CAPACITY 700 for L1400 Tape Library
L1400M0-CC40STK StorageTek 40 SLOT CARTRIDGE ACCESS PORT for L1400 Tape Library
L1400M0-DFANSTK StorageTek DOM RACK AREA COOLING FAN for L1400 Tape Library
L1400M0-LV04STK StorageTek LVD SCSI INTERFACE KIT for L1400 Tape Library
L1400M0-RMPSSTK StorageTek REDUNDANT POWER SUPPLY for L1400 Tape Library
SDLT601-001STK StorageTek SDLT601,BRFC, L1400 Tape Library
SDLT601-002STK StorageTek SDLT601,BRLV, L1400 Tape Library
102061STK StorageTek L1400M 300 Cell Capacity Upgrade (CAPA) for L1400 Tape Library
102063STK StorageTek L1400M 400 Cell Capacity Upgrade (CAPB) for L1400 Tape Library
102065STK StorageTek L1400M 500 Cell Capacity Upgrade (CAPC) for L1400 Tape Library
102067STK StorageTek L1400M 600 Cell Capacity Upgrade (CAPD) for L1400 Tape Library
102069STK StorageTek L1400M 700 Cell Capacity Upgrade (CAPE) for L1400 Tape Library
YSL1400/700EPTP-ZUsed L1400M/L700E PassthruPort
YSL1400M1-STKUsed L1400M,200 Cart,LibAdm
YSL1400M1-STK-ZUsed L1400M,200 Cart,LibAdm
YSL1400MA-STK-ZUsed L1400M for ACSLS-200 Cart
YSL1400P1-STKUsed L1400, 0 Cart,LibAdm
YSL1400P1-STK-ZUsed L1400, 0 Cart,LibAdm
YXL1400/700E-PTPUsed L1400M/700E PassthruPort
YXL1400L700-2NDTUsed C/B, L1400/L700 2nd DrTwr
YXL1400L700-2NDT-ZUsed C/B, L1400/L700 2nd DrTwr
YXL1400L700-CAPUsed C/B, L1400/L700 Addl CAP
YXL1400L700-CAP-ZUsed C/B, L1400/L700 Addl CAP
YXL1400L700-DFANUsed C/B,L1400/L700RackFan115V
YXL1400L700-DFAN-ZUsed C/B,L1400/L700RackFan115V
YXL1400L700-EFANUsed C/B,L1400/L700RackFan230V
YXL1400L700-EFAN-ZUsed C/B,L1400/L700RackFan230V
YXL1400L700-EXDRUsed C/B, L1400/L700 ExDr294Sl
YXL1400L700-EXDR-ZUsed C/B, L1400/L700 ExDr294Sl
YXL1400L700-PDUUsed C/B, L1400/L700 Pwr Dist
YXL1400L700-PDU-ZUsed C/B, L1400/L700 Pwr Dist
YXL1400L700-RAIL-ZUsed C/B,L1400/L700RackRailKit
YXL1400L700-RMPJUsed C/B,L1400/L700JapanRedPwr
YXL1400L700-RMPJ-ZUsed C/B,L1400/L700JapanRedPwr
YXL1400L700-RMPSUsed C/B, L1400/L700 RedundPwr
YXL1400L700-RMPS-ZUsed C/B, L1400/L700 RedundPwr
YXSL1400M0/A-M1-ZUsed C/B, L1400M0 To L1400M1
YXSL1400-UPG-1000Used Slot upgrade, 900 to 2000
YXSL1400-UPG-1100Used Slot upgrade-1000 to 1100
YXSL1400-UPG-1200Used Slot upgrade-1100 to 1200
YXSL1400-UPG-1300Used Slot upgrade-1200 to 1300
YXSL1400-UPG-1344Used Slot upgrade-1300 to 1344
YXSL1400-UPG-300Used Slot upgrade, 200 to 300
YXSL1400-UPG-400Used Slot upgrade, 300 to 400
YXSL1400-UPG-500Used Slot upgrade, 400 to 500
YXSL1400-UPG-600Used Slot upgrade, 500 to 600
YXSL1400-UPG-700Used Slot upgrade, 600 to 700
YXSL1400-UPG-800Used Slot upgrade, 700 to 800
YXSL1400-UPG-900Used Slot upgrade, 800 to 900
003-4141-01STK Storagetek T10000 4GB FC w/ TX85 for L1400 with Encryption Option
3100276053STK Storagetek T10000 4GB FC w/ TX85 for L1400 with Encryption Option
312186710STK T10000 TMC Module
314457202STK StorageTek SUN T10000 Bezel for TX40
314457302STK StorageTek SUN T10000 Bezel for TX85
315462802STK Storagetek T10000 2GB FC TX40 Drives for L1400
T104FC-SW-852STK  Storagetek T10000 4GB FC w/ TX85 for L1400 with Encryption Option
YT10A-2FC-9310StorageTek T10000A 2GB FC Drive L1400 TX3U
T10A-2FC-L7/L14/L18  STK Storagetek T10000 2GB FC TX40 Drives for L1400

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