Sun StorageTek Disk Arrays, Flex 210 In Stock!

Sun StorageTek Disk Arrays, Flex 210 In Stock!

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Sun StorageTek Flex 210
STK Flex 210 Disk Array

FLX210 entry-level disk controller
Affordable and cost-effective, the FLX210 provides scalable storage, as well as advanced management features and entry-level pricing in a true enterprise-class disk system. It is a full, end-to-end 2-gigabit storage solution. The FLX210 is capable of integrating up to 14 SATA drives into the controller module and it supports a maximum capacity of 28 terabytes in 112 SATA drives. The Sun StorageTek Flex 210 Disk Array is the perfect storage solution for real-time access to video, images, e-mail, documents and other digital files.


  • Drive Capacity: 250GB SATA
  • Host connections: 4 FC-AL direct attach
  • Maximum sustained throughput: 485 MB/sec
  • Maximum burst rate: 76,000 I/O per sec
  • RAID levels supported: 0, 1, 3, 5 and 1+0
  • Redundant storage controllers, Fibre Channel drive loops, power supplies and cooling fans
  • Hot-swap disk drives, storage controllers, power supplies, cooling fans and battery backup
  • Automatic drive failure detection and rebuild using global hot spare drives; Cache battery backup

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