StorageTek 9940 External Tape Drive Enclosure

StorageTek 9940
External Tape Drive Enclosure

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The StorageTek 9940 External Tape Drive Enclosure from InStock will make certain that your vital data is protected and data restoration is trouble-free. This stand alone desktop tape drive provides an enterprise level storage product in a compact, easy-to-use size. The STK 9940 external tape drive enclosure is designed for data recovery, small businesses or busy departments who need to backup workstations, servers, and small databases.  For data conversion or data restoration, the StorageTek 9940 External Tape Drive fits your data protection needs.

StorageTek STK 9940 External Desktop Tape Drive StorageTek STK 9940 Desktop External Tape Drive

Desktop Models:
STK 9940A     STK 9940B


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Solutions For:
Data Backup   Disaster Recovery   Data Recovery
Data Conversion   Data Restoration

Each external enclosure comes with:

Nema 515 power cord or appropriate international cord

Available complete with drive or enclosure alone

We also have IN STOCK:

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StorageTek 9940 External Tape Drive:

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