StorageTek STK 9490 Cartridge Subsystem

StorageTek STK 9490
Cartridge Subsystem

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StorageTek STK 9490 Cartridge Subsystem

The StorageTek 9490 Cartridge Subsystem is a high performance information storage, tape transport and retrieval system. The StorageTek 9490 uses Extended Enhanced tape (EETape), Enhanced Capacity cartridge tape (E-Cart or E-Tape) and standard length cartridges as the storage medium. The STK 9490 supports both ESCON and SCSI interface options.

In the StorageTek 9490, you can utilize 36-track tapes, extended (read/write), 18-track, extended (read only), and 18-track, standard (read only).  The cartridge drives available in the StorageTek 9490 include M32 (2 CTUs), M34 (4 CTUs) and M44 (4 CTUs and 4 CSLs).

StorageTek STK 9490 Illustrated Parts Catalog 9633

StorageTek STK 9490 Illustrated Parts Catalog

The StorageTek STK 9490 cartridge subsystem SSU transport can be installed in four different configurations to fit a variety of storage needs:

  • Stand alone or manual mount
  • Stand alone w/optional CSL
  • M44 stand alone with 4 CSLs (no library)
  • Attached to an automated cartridge subsystem (ACS) like the StorageTek Timberline, Nearline, TimberWolf or WolfCreek libraries.

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