STK StorageTek L20 Picker Robot Hand Assembly 3098520xx

STK StorageTek L20
Picker Robot Hand Assembly 3098520xx

StorageTek L20 Picker Assembly 3098520xx

InStock has the StorageTek STK L20 Picker Robot Hand Assembly you need for the STK StorageTek L20 tape library
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InStock has the robot assembly that you need for your library: 3098520xx, 309852001 and 309852002. We currently have the picker, robot or hand assemblies you need for your StorageTek STK L20 tape library – ready to ship! Let InStock help you get your StorageTek L20 Picker Assembly repaired or replaced.

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StorageTek STK L20 Drives and Parts like the L20 Hand Assembly are available- and ready to ship – at InStock.

StorageTek STK L20 Tape Library

We also have the StorageTek L40 and STK L80 tape libraries available.

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