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STK StorageTek Advanced Exchange Repair for 9840C, 9840CL3, T9840C Tape Drives is now available at InStock. Take advantage of our inventory – over 25,000 STK StorageTek libraries, drives, parts, options and accessories in stock, tech tested and ready to ship – TODAY!

  • Can’t afford to have a drive down?
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STK 9840C Tape Drive from InStock

Don’t wait – your back up is critical. We will ship out a tech tested loaner drive immediately, receive in your drive for repair and return it after our certified technicians have resolved its issues.


High quality tape backup equipment at InStock!


Call InStock for the STK drives you need: 9840C, 9840CL3 and T9840C plus many other tape drives and parts that you need to archive and store your vital company information. We have the inventory on hand for fast shipments to meet your emergencies or deadlines.  Keep your tape backup running and your data safe and secure with reliable and cost-effective tape drives from InStock.


STK StorageTek 9840C Tape Drive


For data conversion, disaster recovery, data restoration or any other situation – call InStock – we have what you need IN STOCK!


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