Spectra Logic T950 Tape Library 90948027

Spectra Logic T950 Tape Library 90948027

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Spectra Logic T950
Tape Library

The Spectra Logic T950 tape library (PN# 90948027) was engineered and designed for the enterprise environment to ensure that valuable data is secure.  It makes certain that the integrity, security and reliability of data remains intact when in short term storage or long term archival. The Spectra Logic T950 tape library supports the LTO3 tape drive, LTO4 tape drive and LTO5 tape drive formats. Call Tonny at InStock for more information or to purchase the Spectra Logic T950 Tape Library.

 Spectra Logic T950 Tape Library

Features at a Glance       

  • Slot Capacity: Up to 10,050 tapes
  • Drive Capacity: Up to 120 drives
  • Drives Supported: LTO-3, LTO-4 and LTO-5
  • Media: Mixed media – LTO and SDLT
  • Connectivity: Fibre Channel or Fibre Channel Direct

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Spectra Logic T950 Tape Library LTO


Spectra Logic LTO3 LVD w/ Tray for T950


Spectra Logic LTO2 LVD w/Tray for T950

InStock Trade-In Program:
Are you upgrading or replacing your current tape storage system?  We can take your current tape system and drives as a trade-in for an Spectra Logic T950 system.

Call Tonny today at 877-786-2533 (480-921-0234 direct) to discuss your current system, how the Spectra Logic T950 will fit into your storage needs and how much InStock can offer you for your trade-in. You can also email him: tonny@instockinc.com.

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