Overland NEO 2000 Tape Library

Overland NEO 2000 Tape Library

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The Overland NEO2000 Tape Library from InStock is designed to tackle the storage challenges of midrange data centers: short backup windows, stretched budgets, expanding data demands, limited IT resources, valuable downtime, the call for consolidating storage functions and potentially intricate networking environments. Designed for the diversity of different departmental networks, the NEO 2000 is always there to give you a simple, affordable platform to grow on.

This library is the 3rd generation of Overland’s expandable, modular libraries. The Neo 2000 features hot swap tape drives, which means that you can swap out the drives without having to shut down the library. It also features remote fail-over, removable power supply and redundant robotics.

Each module has 26 SDLT or 30 LTO Ultrium slots and up to two drives. This gives you as much as 124.8 TB capacity and up to 4147.2 GB of performance in an eight-module library that when combined can be used as a single library. Drives can be upgrades from SDLT 320, SDLT 600, LTO1, LTO2, LTO3 and LTO4. Call InStock today for your repairs questions or needs/configurations.

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The features includes:

  • Up to 24 TB capacityOverland NEO 2000 Tape Library
  • Up to 1.2 TB/hour performance
  • Expansion on demand
  • SCSI, Native Fibre Channel or GbE Interfaces
  • Remote management
  • 26-30 cartridges; 1-2 tape drives
  • Compatible drives:
    • DLT8000 LVD
    • LTO1 LVD
    • LTO2 LVD
    • LTO3 LVD FC
    • LTO4 LVD FC
  • Other parts and accessories:
    • FC Cards
    • Power Supplies
    • Picker Assemblies

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