NetApp Sun Disk Storage Systems & Parts

NetApp Sun Disk Storage Systems & Parts

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Sun Disk Storage

Get the NetApp Sun Disk Storage Systems and Parts from the top manufacturers at InStock! We carry all of the disk drives and parts you need to keep your data backup safe and secure. Need a part for a fast repair or upgrade? Call Tonny at 866-994-2875. We carry all NetApps drives and parts- in stock and ready to ship:

Filer Heads DPE – Disk Processor Enclosures Controller Cards

CACHE & Operating Systems DAE – Disk Array Enclosures

Disk Drives Disk Shelves Filer System SATA Drives

SAS Drives Spare Disks Misc Parts

Fabric Attached Storage (FAS)

Model Max Capacity Max Agggregate Max DS4243 Shelves

Max DS14
Class Shelves

Max Drive Quantity
FAS3170 840 TB/1680 TB 16 TB/70 TB 35 60 840
FAS3160 672 TB/1344 TB 16 TB/50 TB 28 48 672
FAS3140 420 TB/840 TB 16 TB/50 TB 17.5 30 420
FAS2050 104 TB/- 16 TB/- 4 6 104
(20 int/84 ext)
FAS2040 136 TB/272 TB 16 TB/30 TB 4 8 136
(12 int/124 ext)
FAS2020 68 TB/- 16 TB/- 4 68
(12 int/56 ext)

DAE – Disk Array Enclosure

Part No. Interface Capacity
DS14mk4 300F FC 300 GB
DS14mk2 AT 750A SATA 750 GB
DS14mk2 AT 1000A SATA 1 TB
DS4243 SAS 450 GB
DS4243 SATA 1 TB
FAS20x0 SAS 300 GB

Fibre Channel

Part No. Capacity RPM
X272B-R5 72 GB 10K
X273B-R5 72 GB 15K
X274B-R5 144 GB 10K
X275A-R5 144 GB 15K
X276A-R5 300 GB 10K
X279A-R5 300 GB 10K
X291A-R5 450 GB 15K
X292A-R5 600GB 15K


Part No. Capacity RPM
X286A-R5 144 GB 15K
X287A-R5 300 GB 15K
X410A-R5 300 GB 15K
X289A-R5 450 GB 15K
X411A-R5 450 GB 15K
X290A-R5 600 GB 15K
X412A-R5 600 GB 15K


Part No. Capacity RPM
X262B-R5 250 GB 7.2K
X280B-R5 250 GB 7.2K
X266B-R5 320 GB 7.2K
X267A-R5 500 GB 7.2K
X282B-R5 500GB 7.2K
X310A-R5 500 GB 7.2K
X268A-R5 750 GB 7.2K
X283B-R5 750 GB 7.2K
X269A-R5 1 TB 7.2K
X298A-R5 1 TB 7.2K
X302A-R5 1 TB 7.2K
X294A-R5 2 TB 7.2K
X299A-R5 2 TB 7.2K
X306A-R5 2 TB 7.2K


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