LTO4-HP4FC-SL85Z Sun/StorageTek LTO 4 Tape Drive

Featured Product: LTO4-HP4FC-SL85Z

StorageTek SL8500 LTO4 Tape Drive

This particular LTO4 tape drive (LTO4-HP4FC-SL85Z) is for the StorageTek SL8500 tape library. Featuring 120 MB/Sec transfer rate, 800 GB native capacity, this is the perfect drive if you are looking to upgrade to LTO4. The StorageTek 
LTO4-HP4FC-SL85Z has encryption and supports hot swap. It is a 4gb fibre channel tape drive module designed specifically for the StorageTek SL8500 library. Fibre Channel is a high-speed network technology, that runs at 2, 4, 6, 8 or 16 gb per second rates! Making this a high speed LTO 4 drive.

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LTO 4 otherwise know as Linear Tape Open (4th generation) is a form of data storage technology for magnetic tape. LTO 4 has an uncompressed storage capacity of 800 GB, while boasting a cool 1.6TB compressed. This is a significant upgrade from LTO 3 which has a storage capacity of 400GB uncompressed and a compressed storage capacity of 800 GB. This is double the capacity of LTO3. LTO4 tape drives such as the LTO4-HP4FC-SL85Z are also backward compatible, meaning they can read to and write to LTO3. This ensures a seamless upgrade from LTO3 to LTO4.