Dell PowerVault PV124T Tape Library

Dell PowerVault PV124T Tape Library

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Dell PV124T Tape Library

The Dell PowerVault PV124T tape library autoloader provides rack-based storage capacity within a 2U chassis. The remote management ability enables real, unattended backup. The PV124T’s magazine style allows for quick scalability and easy replacement of tape cartridges. This library makes high end departmental and enterprise server backup effortless. Perfect for rack dense servers that require external tape backup solutions, the Dell PowerVault PV124T will be an asset to your data center.

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Features and Specifications:

  • Accepts: LTO3-060, LTO3, LTO4 and LTO5 Tape Drives
  • Capacity: Up to 16 data cartridges (2 magazines)
  • Maximum Storage Capacity: Native: LTO-3, 6.4TB; LTO-4, 12.8TB; LTO-5, 24TB
  • Transfer Rate and Backup Rate:
    • Native Maximums (LTO3-060) 60MB/s – 216GB/hrDell PV124T Tape Drive
    • Native Maximums (LTO-3) 80MB/s – 288GB/hr
    • Native Maximums (LTO4-120) 120MB/s – 432GB/hr
    • Native Maximums (LTO5-140) 140MB/s – 504GB/hr
  • Drives
    • PowerVault 124T LTO-3-060 Drive – Cartridge Capacity (Native): 400GB3
    • PowerVault 124T LTO-3 Drive – Cartridge Capacity (Native): 400GB3
    • PowerVault 124T LTO-4-120 Drive – Cartridge Capacity (Native): 800GB3
    • PowerVault 124T LTO-5-140 Drive – Cartridge Capacity (Native): 1.5TB3
  • Drive Interface:
    • LVD SCSI
        o LTO-3-060
        o LTO-3
    • SAS
        o LTO-3-060
        o LTO-4-120
        o LTO-5-140

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Now Available at InStock:

Part NumberDescription
0GC351PV124T Autoloader W/LTO2 Drive
D104NDELL PV124T LTO4 SAS 1/16 Autoloader
D204NDELL PV124T LTO4 SAS 1/16 Autoloader
G162DDELL PV124T LTO4 SAS 1/16 Autoloader
GC351PV124T Autoloader W/LTO2 Drive
GC442DELL PV124T LTO3 LVD 16 SLOT Autoloader
HC835DELL PV124T LTO Magazine Right
MH591DELL PV124T W/ LTO2 LVD Autoloader
PV124T/MAG/LTO/LFTDELL PV124T LTO Style Magazine Left Side
PV124T/MAG/LTO/RGHTRight Magazine For An LTO Style PV124T
PV124T/MAG/SDLT/LFTDell Magazine For SDLT Style PV124T
R8394Dell PV124T Rapid Rail Kit
UH299DELL PV124T LTO2LVD Autoloader
UH301DELL UH301 PV124T LTO3 Library SCSI 16 Slot
12.8TB With 1 LTO3 D

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