Dell PowerVault ML6010 Tape Library Control Module Features:

Dell ML6010 PowerVault Tape Library

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Dell ML6010 PowerVault at InStock!

The Dell ML6010 PowerVault tape library (mfg. part #WJ132) is considered one of the most user-friendly storage systems. It is specially designed to be reliable and hassle-free so you can focus on your growing business.

The Dell ML6010 from InStock is a versatile, enterprise-level, top-rated modular tape library that allows scalability in SAN backup solutions. This is a great library capable of expanding as capacity needs grow. With the option of adding LTO2, LTO3, LTO4 or LTO5 drives and media with WORM capability, as well as features such as Proactive Monitoring to supervise all major subsystem components – the Dell ML6010 is an intelligent, long-term investment.

The PowerVault ML6010 is designed to make sure that your most important data is secure and worry free. The ML6000 is a versatile, modular tape library that gives its users the ability to scale their SAN backup solution. The ML6000 is definitely a long term investment, for the sheer fact that it will last a long long time. It is designed for LTO3 and LTO4 tape drives and media with write-once, read-many (WORM) capability.It also boasts proactive monitoring so that you can supervise all major subsystem components. The Dell ML6010 comes with encryption key management for added security and peace of mind. This library is more than capable of expanding as your capacity needs continue to grow, which is why this is such a versatile machine. The ML6000 family offers your company a solution for long term data retention and restoration functionality in a robust user friendly tape library.

The Dell PowerVault ML6010 Tape Library Control Module is a 5U control module with a 61.5TB maximum library capacity.

Dell PowerVault ML6010 Tape Library Control Module Features:

  • 5U form factor
  • 6 I/E station slots
  • 41 maximum storage slots (with I/E station)
  • Drive types: LTO-3 SCSI, LTO-3 FC, LTO-4 SAS, LTO-4 FC, LTO-5 FC, LTO-5 SAS
  • 1 or 2 drives
  • Interconnect type: SCSI, Native Fibre Channel, or SAS

InStock’s highly trained and certified tecnicians can provide maintenance, support and repair for the Dell PowerVault ML6010. Our libraries, drives and parts are a fraction of the cost of buying new and are fully tested in their native environment and guaranteed to work the first time.

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The Dell PowerVault ML6000 tape library family is a truly considered modular backup solution for your data. Not only is it completely scalable, the ML6000 family provides you with the most secure storage capacity you require today, while guaranteeing that your data storage needs will be met tomorrow. Starting with up to 32.8 TB of native capacity in the 5U, 41-cartridge ML6010 Library Control Module, you can continuously stack and grow your library. By adding 77.6 TB of capacity with each 9U, 97-cartridge ML6000 Expansion Module, you can upgrade your Dell ML6000 tape library up to a total potential storage capacity of a massive 327 TB. The library is available preconfigured in 5U (ML6010), 14U (ML6020) or 23U (ML6030) sizes, and if you decide that’s not enough storage for you, you ca keep on adding expansion modules (9U unit) on your own, as it is a very easy, straightforward, no hassle project.

Library Configurations:

  • PowerVault ML6010 CM (5U)36 cartridges
  • Up to 2 – LTO2, LTO3, LTO4 or LTO5 Drives
  • Up to 6 mailbox cartridges

SCSI Connection:Dell ML6010 Tape Library from InStock!

  • 68-pin micro-D


  • PowerVault ML6010 CM (5U)
  • 8.6″ x 17.4″ x 31.4″ (21.9cm x 44.2cm x 79.8cm)
  • 66 lbs (30 Kgs)

Now Available from InStock:

Part NumberDescription
0JG314Base Library 0/Drives
9-01309-Dell ML6010 Library
FG752Base Library 0/Drives
FP253ML6010 Library
GU851Base Library
GU853Base Library
HM397Dell ML6010 Library No Drives
HM406ML6010 Library
JG314Base Library 0/Drives
WJ132Dell Library
XP515Base Library

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