CNT UltraNet Edge 3000 Storage Area Network Router

                CNT UltraNet Edge 3000
            Storage Area Network Router
                         CNT UltraNet

CNT UltrNet Edge 3000 CNT Storage Router

In stock and ready to ship – the CNT UltraNet Edge 3000 Storage Area Network Router. InStock has the systems and parts for upgrades and repairs that you need to manage, archive and store your vital company information. You can depend on InStock and the 25+ years of experience of our sales and technical staff to meet your emergencies or deadlines. When you need data management, protection, recovery, compliance, or disaster recovery, call InStock. We have what you need IN STOCK at 50-75% off of manufacturer pricing!

UltraNet Edge 3000 Edge 3000 Edge 3000 Storage Area Network Router

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The award-winning UltraNet Edge 3000 is the industry’s first storage router to seamlessly integrate both open systems and mainframe environments over a WAN at any distance. It allows businesses to move information anywhere, anytime, with the highest performance available and at dramatically reduced costs.


  • Fibre Channel Ports: 2Gbps FC Switched Fabric (auto-sensing). Supports E_Port, F_Port, and N_Port
  • WAN Ports: 1 Gbps Ethernet (with compression), 10.100 Mbps Ethernet (with compression), OC-3 ATM and Packet over OSNET (with compression), OC-12 ATM and Packet over SONET (with compression).
  • Classes of Service: Class 2, Class 3, Class F (Interswitch frames)
  • Management Access: RS-232, 10/100 Ethernet (RJ-45)

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