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Quantum Scalar 10000 10K
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ADIC Quantum Scalar 10000 10K Tape LIbrary

Are you looking to upgrade your library, or drives? InStock has all the Scalar 10K libraries, Parts, and Drives. We can sell you upgraded Scalar 10K drives, or reapir your broken ones. You have come to the right place for everything involving the Adic/Qauntum Scalar 10000 tape library.

The ADIC Quantum 10000 10K Tape Library from InStock is a high-end, enterprise tape storage solution. Its capacity-on-demand scalability, built-in storage network support, and high-availability architecture make it a perfect long term storage and archival system.


  • High drive count for maximum performance and flexible configurations
  • Storage network interoperability
  • High availability features: true 2N power, dual SCSI library control channels, hot-swap drives
  • Diagnostic options include: real-time health checks, email and pager alerts, and phone-home event reporting
  • Provides up to 16 virtual library partition options for multiple applications support
  • Rapid configuration: five slots-per-second inventory speed; auto-discovery and auto-calibration of all components


The Scalar 10K is an advanced library that easily supports multiple protocols and multiple fabrics all at the same time. While supporting these, the Quantum 10K also provides industry leading scalability, capacity and availability. The Quantum 10K is so advanced that it supports dual robotic picker assemblies, controllers, power, and it also supports library control paths, which make it so the library can provide you with continual access to your data through just about any and all service operations.

The Scalar 10K is considered a top enterprise tape library. This library allows your IT department to effortlessly consolidate your data in a single, easily managed storage device.. This library allows for plenty of room to grow, by allowing it’s users to continuously increase storage by adding additional capacity whenever its deemed neccessary.


System Configuration
Max. Native Capacity (TB)11107
Max. Compressed Capacity (TB)22214
Max. Drive Count324
Max. Tape Cartridges13,884
Min. Tape CartridgesN/A
Mail Slot CountN/A
Drive Compatibility
IBM TS1120
Supported Connectivity
1Gb FC
2Gb FC
Redundant Power SuppliesYes
Redundant ControllersOptional
Form Factor (Base)
Stand Alone

Quantum Scalar 10K User Manual

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