ADIC FastStor Tape Libraries

ADIC FastStor Tape Libraries


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The ADIC FastStor tape library from InStock is the perfect backup solution for small businesses.  The FastStor Series will support either LTO or DLT tape drives and provides capacity and performance levels that will allow for unattended backup for up to a week at a time.  An ADIC FastStor tape library autoloader helps eliminate daily tape loading, reduces the time spent on backup and recovery, and increases data security.

ADIC FastStor 7 Tape Library from InStock

    • 7 cartridge capacity
    • LTO-1 or DLT8000 tape support
    • Max storage capacity (native): LTO-1 – 700GB, DLT8000 – 280GB
    • Max transfer rate: LTO-1 – 900MB/1.4TB/min, DLT8000 – 360/720MB/min
    • Max storage capacity (with 2:1 Compression): LTO-1 – 1400GB, DLT8000 – 560GB

ADIC FastStor Series Tape Libraries and Autoloaders available from InStock:

    • ADIC FastStor 1 Autoloader
    • ADIC FastStor 2 Tape Library
    • ADIC FastStor 7 Autoloader
    • ADIC FastStor 22 Tape Library

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We also have LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4, AIT-2, AIT-3,
DLT7000, DLT8000, SDLT220, SDLT320, SDLT600 drives and much more!  

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In 2007, ADIC was acquired by Quantum.  View our full Quantum inventory here


ADIC FastStor Tape Libraries & Autoloaders at InStock:

FASTSTOR FS-DLT 8000  7 SLOT DLT 8000 LIBRARYADIC FastStor Autoloaders at InStock!


99-4050-06  FASTSTOR-7 w/DLT 8000 HVD

98-5332-07  ADIC Faststor 7 LTO1 Autoloader

98-5300-17  FASTOR (1) DLT8000 LVD (7) SLOT TT AUTOLOADER

98-5300-04  ADIC Faststor 7 DLT7000 LVD/SE

98-2200-01  ADIC FastStor 22 DLT7000

8-00134-02  ADIC Faststor2 w/ 1x SDLT320LVD 8 Slot Autoloader

98-5332-01  ADIC FastStor 7 LTO1 LVD Autoloader

9-00995-02  ADIC FastStor 1 Autoloader LTO2 ADIC FastStor 22 at InStock

9-00241-01  ADIC FastStor Auto Loader Serv Oart

8-00385-01  ADIC FastStor-2 With 1 LTO3

8-00234-03  ADIC FastStor-2 w 1x LTO2 LVD Autoloader

8-00233-03  ADIC Faststor 2 w/ 1x LTO2LVD 8 Slot Autoloader

8-00233-02  ADIC FastStor-2 w 1x LTO2 LVD Autoloader

8-00191-02  ADIC FASTSTOR2 AUTOLOADER w/ HP LTO1 DRV C7369-00601

99-2200-17  ADIC Faststor 22 Assy LVD/Sled

99-2200-01  ADIC FastStor 22 Chassi BCR no drive

00234-01  ADIC Faststor2 with 1x LTO2LVD


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