Tape Eases Data Center Budget Challenges

Tape Eases Data Center Budget Challenges

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InStock Helps Businesses Secure Data With Environment In Mind

CHANDLER, Ariz. – December 6, 2008 – In today’s more cost-conscious business atmosphere, expenditures in every department are under the microscope and the data center is no exception.  One of the larger ongoing expenses in any data center is the energy used to maintain the proper temperature for the equipment. In archiving data and many backup applications, the greenest choice by far in energy consumption is tape. Steve Cline, President and CEO of InStock notes, “We recognized a few years ago that buying into the latest and greatest for data storage wasn’t always the best overall option for our customers.  We wanted to offer them affordable, energy efficient data storage solutions that will archive their data in an unalterable state – and we found those in tape.”

Tape storage systems use less power and produce a lower heat output.  They require no electricity when idle. Disk drives, on the other hand, continuously spin and burn electricity – whether they are being accessed or not.  Steadily rising energy costs have been the rule for quite a while, and customers are paying more for power every year. Gartner Research suggests that by this year (2008), 50% of IT managers will not have enough power in their article “Gartner Says 50 Percent of Data Centers Will Have Insufficient Power and Cooling Capacity by 2008”.   This statistic is saying more than power bills will be high; it goes to keeping the data center up and running to meet essential duty cycles.

Tape technology itself is a greener and more secure option and utilizing refurbished hardware to resolve issues can be as well.  InStock offers options to companies that need to expand, repair or replace their tape storage systems.  “We’ve found that in many instances, utilizing a used or refurbished drive or part could be the best solution for our customers,” said Cline.  InStock also helps minimize the impact that discarded computer equipment has on the environment by offering solid exit strategies for equipment that is being replaced. 

About InStock, Inc.

In business since 1997, InStock has an established reputation in the backup tape storage industry.  Our knowledge, expertise and inventory are second to none.  We buy and sell new, used and refurbished tape storage equipment.  At InStock, Inc., we understand the mechanical, analog, and digital aspects of everything from small external tape devices to autoloaders to libraries ranging from one drive to hundreds and from 15 media slots to thousands.  Our 10,000 square foot warehouse has over 50,000 items – ready to ship to our customers. 

InStock, Inc. is a member of ASCDI (Association of Service and Computer Dealers International) and SIA (Service Industry Association).  We are proud supporters of the American Heart Association.

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