StorageTek SL500 Tape Library Sales and Maintenance

StorageTek SL500 Tape Library Sales and Maintenance

StorageTek SL500 Tape Library

StorageTek SL8500 Tape Library, Drives, and Parts | Maintenance, Repair, Sales

Need a drive, part, option or accessory for your StorageTek SL500? We have what you need! InStock will repair your SL500 library and your StorageTek LTO drives.

We offer advanced exchange on all StorageTek SL500 tape drives, as well as maintenance for your full tape library and other STK SL500 hardware and parts.

Our trained technicians can repair your StorageTek SL500 tape library and its drives. Fast turnaround and great pricing. We also sell all parts, drives and full SL500 libraries. Instock has been selling and repairing tape libraries, and backup storage equipment for over 25 years. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 90-day warranty, and advanced exchange if needed on all repairs and sales.

All of our StorageTek SL500 Tape Drives are tested in an SL500 library to ensure they are in perfect working condition when they arrive.

InStock has the StorageTek SL500 in stock. The SL500 tape library is the perfect data backup system for the growing mid-size business. The last thing you want to worry about when you’re company is expanding is what storage solution will expand with you. With the STK SL500 from InStock, you can start small, grow big, and be confident that your data is safe and secure.

The StorageTek SL500 Tape Library is designed to:

  • Improve data backup reliability with its advanced robotics and quick repair turnaround.
  • The SL500 easily scales without having to decrease its reliability or tweak its performance in order to meet the ever-changing requirements in data storage backup.
  • Streamline while speeding up data consolidation by creating up to eight native partitions.
  • The STK SL500 uses Sun Storage Archive Manager paired with Sun-StorageTek 6000 series arrays to create a tiered storage environment.

This modular library system easily scales anywhere from 30 LTO slots to 575 LTO slots with a cap of just more than 862 terabytes of uncompressed data. This is a huge difference in storage capacity than that of other libraries in the StorageTek SL500 class. This tape library also enables you to use up to 18 tape drives with a native throughput rate of over 7 terabytes per hour!

The StorageTek SL500 is a perfect library for data consolidation. It ensures that the user will save time, floor space, and energy by combining multiple libraries into one central location. The library is also a fantastic fit for rack mounted D2D2T solutions, when utilized with Sun Storage Archive Manager and Sun StorageTek 6000 series disk arrays.

In order to help you maintain constant access to your data, the StorageTek SL500 modular library system takes advantage of its state of the art components, such as advanced robotics and updated firmware. It is a perfect solution for users in the enterprise business class.

The Tape Library offers a choice of a dual fibre channel library interface. The advanced robotic mechanism ensures the utmost reliability, regardless of the how many expansion modules are attached to your library. The advanced robotics also help to increase the stability and uniformity of your data backups.

The SL500 has all hot-swappable components which make it east to change or repair on the fly while minimizing downtime.For example, you can hot swap the power supplies and the fans. This minimizes all interruptions of your backup.The advanced digital vision system that is installed in the tape library automatically calibrates the library to reduce wear and tear on the cartridges and drives, as well as the robotic picker assembly.

We have in our warehouse – ready to ship:

  • StorageTek SL500 Base Systems – LTO Version
  • STK DEM – Drive Expansion Modules
  • StorageTek CEM – Cartridge Expansion Modules
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    STK Redundant Power Supplies
  • check
    StorageTek LVD Robotic Interface Cards
  • check
    STK 2GB FC Robotic Interface Cards
  • check
    StorageTek RLC Card – Library Control Cards
  • check
    STK RLS – RLX – RLH – RLD – RLE – RLB Cards
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    StorageTek SL500 LTO2 SCSI: HP or IBM, New or Refurb
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    STK SL500 LTO2 FC: HP or IBM, New or Refurb
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    StorageTek SL500 LTO3 FC 2GB: HP, New or Refurb
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    STK SL500 LTO3 SCSI: HP, New
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    StorageTek SL500 19″ Racks

StorageTek SL500 Specifications:

  • Scales from 30 to 575 LTO cartridge slots or 24 to 494 mixed LTO and SDLT/DLT-S4 slots and 1-18 tape drives
  • Redundant hot-swappable power supplies with redundant fans
  • Hot-swappable drives, Ethernet and serial ports for diagnostics and reporting

​InStock Trade-In Program:

  • Are you upgrading or replacing your current tape storage system? Looking for StorageTek SL500 End of life information? We can take your current tape system and drives as a trade-in for a new STK SL500 system:
    • StorageTek L20 – 10, 20 slots with 2 drives
    • STK L40 – 20, 40 slots with 4 drives
    • StorageTek L80 – 40, 60, 80 slots with 8 drives
    • STK L180, L700, L700e + drives

Call the StorageTek Pros at 1-877-786-2533 to discuss your current system, how the StorageTek SL500 will fit your storage needs and how much InStock can offer you for your trade-in.

StorageTek SL500 Tape Library Data Sheet

StorageTek SL500 User Guide

All major parts of the StorageTek SL500 Tape Library especially the advanced robotics, are easy to replace in the field in a minimal amount of time, which ensures that your downtime is insignificant. Instock can help with your changing storage requirements by providing you with the necessary SL500 components and service to ensure that your encryption capable LTO 5 drives work together with the StorageTek Crypto Key Management system in order to keep your most sensitive data protected while meeting compliance requirements in every way possible.

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