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Quantum Scalar i500 Tape Library

Our trained technicians can repair your Quantum i500 and its drives. Fast turnaround and great pricing. We also sell all parts, drives and full i500 libraries. Instock has been selling and repairing tape libraries, and backup storage equipment for over 20 years. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 90-day warranty, and advanced exchange if needed on all repairs and sales.

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The Quantum Scalar i500 Tape Library from InStock is the scalable library platform that provides midrange tape storage capabilities with faster, easier, and more reliable data protection. The i500 combines modular design with continuous robotics to provide industry leading performance and reliability. InStock is your one stop shop for everything i500. We sell the complete libraries, as well as repair and upgrade Quantum i500 drives.

Take advantage of these great features in the Quantum Scalar i500 available at InStock:

  • 1 To 18 Drives
  • 36 To 404 Cartridges
  • Modular Growth
  • Continuous Robotics
  • Capacity-On-Demand
  • Iplatform Architecture
  • Ilayer Management
  • Scalar i500 Compatible Drives: LTO2, LTO3, LTO4, LVD, FC, 2GB, 4GB

The Quantum Scalar i500 provides up to 322TB compressed capacity and features enhanced flexibility with iPlatform architecture and iLayer management.

Quantum Scalar i500: Overview

The Scalar i500 is known as an intelligent library platform because it allows midrange storage environments to grow faster, and easier while maintaining much more reliable data protection. The Scalar i500 takes its base modular design and combines it with advanced robotics, which when combined, provide industry-leading scalability, performance, and reliability without sacrificing a thing. The Quantum i500 utilizes iPlatform architecture and iLayer management in order to make data backup much easier to manage. By using a proactive monitoring approach, the i500 allows the user to remote in for diagnostics which directly influences the amount of time it takes for service calls and is guaranteed to shorten issue resolution times as well. Its capacity on demand scalability allows the library to keep growing without disrupting the user’s data backup. The Scalar i500 is also designed to seamlessly integrate with disk backup which effectively makes it the perfect library for newer generation data backup. With the Scalar i500, the user can rest assured that they will have reliable, high-performance data backup, complete restores, and effective long-term protection for years and years to come, no matter how much their storage needs grow.

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